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According to the Met Office, January 2013 saw the most extreme winter weather in the UK since ‘the Big Freeze’ of 2010 – leading to manufacturing output falling 3% compared with January 2012.

The insurance group RSA estimates that the snow problems in January 2013 will cost the economy about £470 million a day, as a result of the massive travel disruption. This loss can occur again in the North of Ireland and UK due to the severe weather expected for today and the rest of the week.

CMI’s (Chartered Management Institute) latest report – published in association with the BCI, BSI and Cabinet Office –interviewed over 600 managers and their findings reflect how the snow hit organisations across the UK: staff being unable to get to work, missed meetings, loss of customer demand…

The problems are clear but… what about solutions?

Pat Keogh, Arema Connect CEO, provides an insight into how businesses can deal with business continuity and minimise sales loss:

Snow is nice but it directly affects the economy. There is little that can be done by business with regard to physical location; however, offices and on-line shops shouldn’t be affected by severe weather conditions. Business owners can have measures in place to guarantee the continuity of their business and minimise the potential sales loss.
Telephones can be diverted to Contact Centre facilities and employees can work from home if processes are in place. This will reduce the impact of the bad weather on the cash flow of the business. “

Hence, Arema Connect can have …

  • Your phone answered using our Inbound Call Handling Service
  • Your phone/fax/emails working without disruption
  • Temporary e-mails configured
  • All data stored & backed up

All this can be set up in one hour.

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