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Once, your company has decided that you need a contact centre it is time to think about the quality level that you are expecting and the number of enquiries that your team will be receiving.

The following table will help you to decide what option suits you better between a dedicated team or a shared team (keep in mind that you can combine both services according to your needs):

Element Dedicated team Share agent
Technology cost Less expensive than an in-house solution. Less expensive than an in-house solution.
Knowledge of your companies processes. You want a high level of knowledge of your company and processes. Easy enquiries and FAQ’s
Number of enquiries 200 and 250 enquiries per day. Less than 150 enquiries per day.

Complexity of enquiries

The complexity varies but there are procedures in place to deal with them. Level of complexity is low. Basic FAQ’s or message taking service.
Salary cost Fixed Cost Structure The cost is relative to the number of calls that you receive. Hence, there is not a salary cost involved. You pay for what you get. Quality is ensured by a small management fee.
Training A High level of training is involved. Quality of replies is paramount. The process is so easy that it requires little training and a FAQ’s list.


In summary:

Dedicated Contact Centre agent Support

Clients need dedicated contact centre agent support for a number of reasons, such as the service offered is quite complex. Our agents need extensive training on the system to ensure service levels for customer service support is maintained at a high level.

If the volume of calls, e-mails or live chat is quite large and the client feels an outsourcing specialist is better equipped to handle the project, allowing  them concentrate on other areas of their business.

Customer support can take over an entire departments time and result in other areas being neglected. We have numerous case studies where clients have outsourced for this reason alone.

Shared Contact Centre Agent Support

A shared contact centre agent service is usually chosen by SME’s that have a low number of enquiries or these enquiries are not especially complex.

However, we create tailor made solutions. Tell us your requirements and we will help you to choose the best model for your company. You can always start on a shared service and move to a dedicated team depending on your company’s lifecycle.