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Two companies are never the same. For this reason Call Management provides tailor made solutions to its customers. We are not a big call centre, we are a boutique contact centre. Our experience of over 12 years in the customer relationship management industry has provided us with the knowledge and resources to understand that companies require different contact centre services according to their company lifecycle.

Call Management adapt its services to all stages of a company life cycle

Contact Centre for Start Ups

Companies and businesses that are just starting require services that adapt to their needs and help them to reduce their costs. The main objective for them is to achieve positive and healthy cash flow. The aim must be to reduce costs but at the same time be ready for business. Contact Centres can offer shared agents resources during office hours. This service level involves a receptionist Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Phones, e-mails and live chat will be answered in the company name and messages will be sent to you and your team.

Contact Centre for your business Initial Growth Phase

Companies within the growth phase will be interested in achieving higher profit while maintaining a healthy balance sheet. They can avail of 24 hour cover or manage in house office hours calls and outsource only the after-hours interactions. Being open more hours allows customers to reach you at any time. Here the important goal is to be open as many hours as possible to maximise your presence in the market place.

Contact Centre for Established Company

These companies focus on quality and not on quantity. They prefer to have dedicated agents during office hours; hence quality is ensured. They can avail of shared services after hours or if the volume is high or the business is open 24 / 7, can use dedicated agents all day.

Contact Centre for Seasonal Fluctuations

These companies have peak enquiry periods during specific months of the year such as Christmas and/or summer. The increase can be due specific campaigns such as appeals and/ or marketing promotions or product launches. They can avail of dedicated agents or shared agents depending the type of enquiries and the volume of calls.

Are you starting, growing, established or you just need help for a short period? Let us know your requirements and we will design the best approach to cover your needs.