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Batt (2002) and Holman (2003), (Peiro et alt, 2003) have defined and differentiated between two call centre models: the ‘‘mass service’’ and the ‘‘high commitment service’’ model.

  • The mass service contact centre model aims at a high market volume and low added value. Cost minimisation is the primary goal here.
  • The high commitment contact centre model is based on maximising customer satisfaction and adding value for clients.

“Mass service” contact centre

Enterprises that offshore their contact centre services usually follow the approach of the “mass service” contact centre. Their primary goal is to minimise cost. Usually, outsourcing to a contact centre can save up to a 50% (compared with an in-house contact centre). However, this saving can be higher if the outsourcing company is offshore or nearshore.
Offshoring contact centre services can directly affect the quality levels of interactions: phone calls, e-mails and live chat. According to the latest research from Deloitte (2012), public perception of offshore call centres is negative and has suffered bad press in recent years. However, the perception of near-shore is seen as a good compromise, due to closer boundaries and similarities in work ethos and empathy. (Deloitte, 2012).

“High commitment service” contact centre

The “high commitment service” contact centre approach focuses on quality service. The contact centres that follow this model invest heavily in quality control, training and employee recruitment. They believe that employees are the best assets of the company, and try to reduce costs by being more competitive, improving processes and negotiating actively with software and technology providers.

While choosing an outsourcing partner, it is important to bear in mind what are you looking for: a cost saving solution or someone with whom to develop a long term relationship.

Arema Connect has always followed the high commitment model. We concentrate on delivering high-quality solutions to all our clients in the UK & overseas. Our internal processes allow us to provide a competitive pricing structure without compromising our quality levels. Our UK operation is supported by our near-shore contact centre office in Ireland.

Hence, we combine a cost saving solution and deliver quality services for our clients and their contact centre users. Contact us to receive a quotation for our services.