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One of the key motivators to outsource your customer care to a Contact Centre is the opportunity to be open for business for longer periods of time.

Deciding the opening hours of your business can be challenging when you are trying to fit family and personal life into the equation. On the other hand, some businesses need to be open 24 / 7; however, they don’t have enough resources to employ nighttime staff due to the low volume of enquiries received. These people usually look to outsource their contact centre needs.

Our expertise and 12 years in the market have allowed us to identify 4 types of business outsourcers:

  • Fully outsource customer service: This type of business outsources all its customer care requirements to the contact centre partner. The contact centre acts as part of the organisation despite being an independent company following procedures and instructions from the outsourcer. They manage all interactions during the opening hours of the business (office hours or 24 / 7 depending on the type of business). The relationship here is strong between the two partners and they need to rely on each other. The contact centre answers client enquiries, and the outsourcer develops its core business doing what they know best. E-commerce sites and public and private businesses with a high volume of enquiries usually benefit from this type of service.
  • Backup contact centre: This type of client has an in-house receptionist and/or team to answer enquiries. They only outsource when it is required: lunch breaks, holidays or when the receptionist is on another call. Calls are directed to their main office; however, they can be redirected to the contact centre facility. Professionals such as lawyers, dentists, veterinary clinics and doctors benefit from this service.
  • After-hours and emergency contact centre: Once the office is closed, all the calls/interactions are redirected to the contact centre. The team answers as part of the in-house team and escalates enquiries to the person on call. Computer programming & software companies, alarm companies, property managers and/or lift contractors tend to benefit from this facility. They need to escalate calls to their on-call support team and it is more economical to outsource to us.
  • Sales/Marketing department support: These type of clients outsource their requirements during specific campaigns such as sales campaigns, media campaigns, donation periods and promotions. Companies both large and small usually require additional staff during these peak periods of interaction.

Which kind of service best fits your needs? Contact us with your requirements and we will develop a tailor-made solution to satisfy your requirements.