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30% of our new businesses in 2012 are availing the use of our web chat or live chat service. This increase is due to the recognition of the benefits of implementing this customer contact channel on our clients’ websites.

Our own experience is availed by research carried out by live chat software providers and a large in-house contact centre from the communications and technology sector. BT’s research avails our own findings:

  • Live chat creates a high positive customer experience: cost-effective for customers, access from the problem spot to the customer team and shorter waiting times.
  • 100% of our contact centre agents confirm that it is easier to use live chat software to guide customers and point them in the right direction than using the phone. Live chat allows agents to check what website has been viewed before and if they are repeated visitors.
  • Live chat interaction has a rate of first contact resolution of up to 99%. It is also possible to track previous conversations if required.
  • Multiple web chat conversations at once are possible. This reduces the waiting time for customers requiring a web chat. It is on average lower than 30 seconds
  • Easier to escalate to different tiers of the organisation. Since all conversations are transcripted on text, tier 2 agents can quickly scan the text instead of asking the customer for their details again.
  • Live chat is also easier to monitor quality since all conversations are transcripted and in turn, easier to review.
  • Uniformity in answers can be achieved using canned answers for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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