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Call Management opened its phone lines 12 years ago and since then it has been working to improve the quality of our job and employees’ working conditions.

This year we are launching an internal wiki that will help to reduce our phone handling time by a 10%. This new wiki distributes the information in a more intuitive way providing agents an easy access through a unique platform.

The non-sensitive information is hosted in the cloud and it is accessible remotely, if it is required. These new improvements have been motivated by:

  • The aim to provide more a competitive service to our clients
  • Provide a unique platform with access to information to cover our multi-channel contact centre offering
  • Simplify the day to day activities for our agents
  • Improve our scalability – we have a number of “back-up” agents distributed through Ireland and UK. They have worked previously within Call Management office but decided to progress on their careers within other professions. Our relations with them are excellent and on peaks of workload we contact them in order to cover this increase.
  • Improve our internal communications processes
  • Provide a unique platform where make accessible training, policies and processes documents to all our employees.

This wiki will be integrated on our new CRM system that will be launch by the end of summer. We are aiming to improve time handling, employee performance and overall customers and callers’ satisfaction levels.