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Roz Norman, Call Management agent since 2011, has been nominated as Best Contact Centre Agent 2013 in the prestigious ICMI Awards. ICMI recognise the achievement of contact centres and individuals in the customer management industry.

Call Management agent

Roz has had an outstanding year performance wise and she has received positive feedback from clients, callers, colleagues and our Management Board since she started in our contact centre.

She is an exceptionally motivated individual – who is committed to improving customers’ experience and her work. She enjoys working in the team, takes time to get to know each staff member personally and is always there to assist others in time of need. She is known for her ability to handle stressful situations in a professional and friendly manner.

There are many examples of how Roz is able to maintain confidence and patience on calls whilst handling any situation.

One of the most recent is when she answered a call for an internet provider company. It is the agent’s responsibility to check coverage and if this is not possible it is escalated to an IT team. The caller was having difficulty connecting to the internet but urgently needed to connect for work purposes.

The caller was not familiar with computer systems and unable to follow the Internet providers manual on rectifying the issue. Ros was able to talk the caller through the process of getting the necessary information needed step by step. As the caller was anxious and frustrated the agent remained calm and was able to reassure the caller that the issue was resolved. Our agent’s knowledge of computers and IT was a huge help to the success of the call outcome as she was able to break down the steps for the caller and her confidence and patience ensured the caller was able to follow them with ease. The called ended with the connection being restored.

Pat Keogh, Call Management Managing Director said: “Call Management have always hired people based on their personality first and their capabilities would be secondary. With Ros we were fortunate on both counts. We always look for new members who can add value to our organisation and Ros fits into this category quite nicely. We have a few clients that offer first call resolution in relation to broadband and telecoms solutions and Ros has been involved in refining the templates and making them more user friendly and useful for all our agents.
Ros is an extremely intelligent, bright and personable individual and her knowledge base has been refreshing and it is always great to bring on board a new team member with a different outlook.”

We are looking forward to discovering the results of ICMI Awards and we believe that Roz performance will be recognised globally within the Contact Centre Industry.

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