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Businesses online have greater opportunities to increase their sales than “normal” businesses. These opportunities can be achieved by implementing a customer care strategy:

1. 24 By 7 open for business: The Internet is never closed for business. Your company has access to an international marketplace. Your online shop can increase sales with a 24 by 7 customer service support.

2. A virtual/online shopping assistant: “Normal” shops have “shopping assistants”.

Your company can have a virtual shopping assistant through a live chat option.

Live chat allows the customer team to walk with the shoppers through the site, answer any queries and offer them assistance during the shopping process. A live chat customer service support on your online shop will increase your sales and clients’ satisfaction levels.

3. Support during the payment process: Online shops can lose sales and clients if they have a problem with the payment process. Some shopper may feel more confident paying over the phone. Your sales will increase if your online shop experience is actively supporting clients during the payment process via the phone and/or live chat support.

4. Follow up offers, e-mails and social media customers: Satisfied and returning customers can increase your sales by up to a 50% but this increase can ramp up quickly and easily thanks to social media integration. Potentially, one person can influence 234 (on average a Facebook user has 234 friends)

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how improve sales by delivering the best in class customer service plan whitepaper