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“Business Mailing Addresses” are well known in mature markets and companies have been offering this service for years either as a dedicated mailbox, PO number and also a physical address in a great location. It has grown substantially over the last 10 years with the advent of technology and it is fantastic what can be achieved by using some ingenuity.

Why should you use a “Business Mailing Address”?

  • If you are starting a new business the constraints on your finances are going to be very tight during the first 2 years. So, a Business Mailing address helps you to avoid business constraints.
  • Economies of scale will set in at some stage but cash flow will be ‘King’ during the start-up phase. Reduce your fixed cost and improve your cash flow with a business mailing address.
  • Using a business mailing address really compliments the SME market as it is relatively inexpensive as you may not need premises for a few years and want to work from home.
  • You can use an outsourcing specialist to receive your mail and if you choose wisely you should be able to rent a meeting room plus an office telephone line when you need it.
  • Perception is very important and when you are negotiating with suppliers and clients you want to portray a professional image and may not want them to know you are working from home.

A quality outsourcing company can do all of the following:-

  • receive your post
  • scan and e-mail you a copy and retain the originals
  • lodge cheques into your account and notify you by a phone call when you have received urgent mail that needs your immediate attention.

Some companies use it as part of their strategic market entry plan to launch their company in a new country. Initially, they don’t want to invest in renting and furnishing a new office until they have established a profitable market.

These are just a few reasons for using a business mailing address; if you have a specific request please contact us.