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Does your company have a Facebook page? A Twitter account? Are you on Youtube, Linkedin, Slideshare, Pinterest…?

Yes? Then how are you getting on?

Research from TELUS International (2012) shows organisations are at different stages of maturity in their social care programs.

TELUS have made the following observations:

1. Great Intentions:
Companies have social media accounts and pages – but they don’t use them

2. Committed but not convincing, Companies are listening to you:
Some are only listening to customers via social media using “voice of the customer” information to improve marketing, products and support.

3. Active & well defined social media strategy:
They are regularly engaging with customers and realising positive outcomes including reduced contacts into other support channels.


Which category do you fall into?

Regardless of where you are in the lifecycle. We can help as a consultant in setting up and managing social media platforms and get you to the next level.

If you have a well-defined strategy and manage your accounts during office hours, we can provide you with after hours and weekend cover so that your company has a 24 by 7 online presence.

Please contact us to discover how we can help you and your company. Check out our social media service here.