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In a study commissioned by the Public Relations Consultants Association, 84% of Public Relations leaders say they are forced to work with stagnant or shrinking budgets as consumer confidence drops.

Public Relations has mainly three targets: clients, journalists and the general public.

Outsourcing part of the Public Relations Campaign is a viable option in the following areas.

1. Telephone Answering Service & E-mail handling

If your PR campaign involves interacting with the general public, they may need to be contacting you or your client in relation to your press release, your Facebook campaign, your fair stand, tv campaign, etc. Outsourcing this element will allow your PR campaign to arrive further and be more effective.

2. Bulk text message

PR campaigns may require a quick reminder to journalists or the general public. The cheapest and most effective option is to use Bulk Text Message. Your Public Relation’s company or department can contact your public objective by sending a message to their mobile phone. You just provide the phone number and the message and in a few minutes all your contacts get the update.

3. Market Research

A public relations campaign needs some time to perform Market research. A contact centre can perform this element for you and you will be updated on every development. Information is power!

4. Crisis Management and Product recall support

Do you have in your team the capability to be 24 by 7 open? We do! We can assist you in these difficult moments when crisis management or a product recall requires you to be open 24 hours. Our team can help you to monitor social media, answer the phones, e-mails and live chat interactions in order to minimise the impact of the bad press. We can be your watchdog.

5. Marketing campaign support

If you are expecting an increase in contact due to your clients’ promotion on TV, radio or press, we can help you. We have experience in managing promotions enquiries, sending brochures, collecting donations, and ultimately partnering with PR firms to achieve their goals within the budget.

If you have any campaigns that may need a couple of hands more, contact us for more information.