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Arema Connect has over 12 years of experience in the customer relationship management sector. And since 2010 we have been providing customer care services to e-commerce and online shops. In order to provide broad coverage to our clients, we are open 24 by 7 and we provide multi-channel coverture answering seamless e-mails, phone calls, SMS, social media enquiries and web chats.

We have allocated dedicated teams for our e-commerce clients providing them with the expertise and instant communication. These dedicated teams are part of our e-commerce customer care department and they receive special training in order to improve their skillset and achieve higher first interaction resolutions.

Every client is unique; however, common trends can be detected across different sectors and these key elements will be used to improve service levels.

Typical E-commerce sector Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Shipping process: Due to the nature of the e-commerce sector, services and products are bought online and the buyer needs to wait to receive them. 52% of the enquiries are usually related to the shipping process and questions related to the same.

2. Delivery time method and extra charges: Customers usually check out delivery schedules prior to committing to buy.

3. Payment process: Nothing is more frustrating for a buyer than arriving at a payment gateway and being unable to process the payment.

4. Cancellations and devolutions: Due to an unforeseen number of circumstances, the customer may want to cancel or return products bought online. FAQs about this process can arise before, during and mostly after the buying process.

5. Account information: password reset. A number of users will request their password to be reset. We highly recommend setting up an automated system to send temporary passwords.

6. Promotions and special offer enquiries: Your online marketing activities will probably involve offering special promotions for new and repeat customers. Your online team should be aware of these and trained on how to deal with them.

Finally, remember that on average 95% of all queries can be answered with canned replies. The extra value that your team can provide is to tweak these canned answers to provide a more personalised answer. This is where the added value comes in and will differentiate you from other online sellers.

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