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Selecting the right contact centre can be a challenging process.

There are over than 100,000 contact centres in the UK and if you are thinking of outsourcing there are a number of factors to consider and your decision will be influenced by a multitude of elements.
Here are some of the key elements to consider:

1. The contact centre and your Corporative philosophy

“Great minds think alike” It will be easier to work with a contact centre that has a philosophy similar to yours. If you want to grow your business over a projected period of time, then a small, bespoke contact centre may be right for you with a high staff retention rate and good quality references.

On the other hand, you may want a mixture of automated and agent support functionality with an administration and mail fulfilment plus the backup of a large contact centre with major accreditations.

Try to formulate and document your needs and see who scores highest.

2. Contact Centre Service Level

The quality of the service delivered and expected should be reflected in the service level agreement. You need to be sure that your contact centre will fulfil your expectations and hopefully exceed them. Sign a service level agreement (SLA) to protect your interest prior to engaging the chosen contact centre, make sure it lists call volumes and penalties that will be implemented due to non-deliverance as per the SLA.

3. Recommendations

Never be afraid to ask for referrals, the number of clients and length of their contracts. Names and numbers will help you to obtain a more objective idea of the contact centre and their customer retention levels. Every company should be proud of their achievements and all their customers’ should be able to confirm their unique selling point (USP).

4. Price

The old adage probably always rings through you get what you pay for… Price should be considered after all the deliverables of the project are met. You need to be sure that the chosen contact centre is the correct fit for your company as it is an expensive process to endure and the relationship should be long term.

The list is not exhausted by any means and your selection criteria may not touch any of the above mentioned but it is important to set out your requirements in advance and judge each candidate using the same criteria.

Best of luck and if you need advice give us a ring!!!!!!!!!!