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We approached the Enterprise Ireland (EI) over 12 months ago with the idea of setting up a separate entity to cater for our UK Clients.

We chose the name Arema Connect and we began the long process of researching our chosen market.

But Who is Arema Connect?

1. Arema Connect is a new UK-based contact management centre focusing on multi-channel contact management (24 by 7 support). 

2. The company is the new UK subsidiary of Key Answering Systems group whose Irish operation is Call Management Ireland, founded by Pat Keogh.

3. Arema Connect will operate in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) field. Arema Connect provides email handling, social media, mobile/SMS and live chat contact management in addition to standard telephone answering services.

As a group we are currently handling over 220,000 e-mails and 125,000 live chats per annum. Our client portfolio includes both public & private companies in all business sectors.

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