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This week a new law has arrived to the international contact centre arena. Israel has proposed to create a law in order to regulate one of the most important of the Key performance indicators: Waiting time on the phone.

“Key performance indicators for a contact centre are: Abandoned calls, Calls answered, Calls offered, Average wait time, Customer Feedback and Grade of service” – Sean Hickey, Operations Manager in Call Management

According to ‘The Globes’, (online publication) the Israel’s regulations state that if the waiting time is expected to last more than three minutes, the company must allow the customer to leave a message and return their call within three hours.Call Management analysis of the Israel call centre law
Alternatively, if the customer chooses to wait, the company must inform him of his place in the queue and the estimated waiting time.
This measure applies mainly to contact centres providing support in the following business sectors: telcos, gas, water and electricity utilities, and providers of urgent medical services.

Is this going to be like the smoking ban and spread to the European contact centre market.

What will be the implications if the regulations are enforced in the United Kingdom or Ireland?
These measures can have a positive or negative effect on the industry.

It will affect the smaller contact centre as they will have to invest in call management software. The larger contact centres will have to monitor and audit call traffic flows in order to keep calls backs at a minimum to control costs.

The customer will get an improved service level as they know that within 3 hours they will have spoken with a company representative. There is no doubt that service levels will improve and the old formula ‘80% of all calls answered in 20 seconds’ will be a thing of the past.

“ In Call Management we aim to answer all the calls within 5 rings; this short waiting time reflects positively in customer satisfaction and our first call resolution percentage. ” – Pat Keogh, Managing Director in Call Management

All contact centres benchmark their service offering against their competitors. This regulation will mean that one of our Key Performance Indicators will be taken out of the equation.

What it is your opinion?

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