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Lately, we have been receiving enquiries in relation to sales campaigns. Due to the current economic climate, companies are trying to increase its sales and “hard selling” techniques are growing in practice.  However, are you sure this is the best approach for your company?

Hard sell strategies are aggressive. They usually put a high amount of stress on the customer. These tactics include cold calls, strong sales letters, and unwanted pitches. You’re there to sell, they know it, and you know it — there’s no grey area.

However, soft sell strategies focus on the relationship-building aspect of sales. You don’t put psychological stress on potential buyers. As an alternative, you find passive ways to show them that you have the solutions they require. And here Call Management can be your ally.

Soft sales strategies should be an integral element in your sales & marketing department.

Currently, the majority of buyers are starting the decision-making process via online research and by talking to other users. So are you online?

Does your company have a 24 by 7 live chat option on your website? Are you answering tweets and facebook leads? You should!


  • Potential clients are everywhere on the Internet.
  • Your company should be doing soft sales for them non-stop.
  • An internet presence is vital for most business sectors in this technology based world we live in.

You have the opportunity to sell your service all year round, 24 hours a day and it is relatively inexpensive and very dynamic. Ideal for on-going sales revenue opportunities and the soft launch of new products as you can offer bundle deals and related promotional offers.

Referrals are an added bonus as online customers will recommend your website once the follow-up customer service is professional and timely.   They can be your best salesman / women and… for FREE!

On the other hand, soft sales can be a fantastic market research tool as you can build up a client profile from their buying patterns and continuously evolve and improve your offering to meet their requirements.

Sounds great, isn’t it? If you want more information about live chat and social media services… contact us!

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