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Buyers typically desire different contact information at different times during the buying cycle.

Examples of types of buyers and preferred contact points include:


This type of buyer welcomes messages and promotions. You need to be there to provide them with useful information when it is required.
Social Media, e-mails and Live Chat options on your website are the best allies to impress and get them to the next level in a shorter time scale. (engaged).

Social Media and Live chat options allow potential customers to ask questions, request quotations, and be impressed, if your company has a 24-by-7 support service and your competitors are offering office hours cover then you have a unique selling point (USP).


This buyer knows you and is willing to purchase from you. They need direct contact with your sales team just to place an order or answer simple questions such as pricing and features.
An inbound sale line and/or an information telephone answering service will provide you with another channel to meet your customers’ needs.


This type was engaged in the buyer process and interested in your offering but for some reason, you lost the sale. This kind of buyer is a lost opportunity and contains important information. They can provide your company with relevant information about competitors, your processes and other buyer motivators that you haven’t contemplated before.
They can become great assets for your company being critical about your offering and helping your business to grow. Surveys and questionnaires are the best tools to build up a buyer trend profile.


They have bought your product or service and now they may have some questions about “how to use it”.
After Sales customer service is vital to building your brand, and company’s reputation. It is an opportunity for your company to cross-sell/upsell offers, review requests and keep customers loyal. Your company can perform different marketing campaigns to create a loyal base of customers by offering rewards, sending anniversary messages or just wishing them Happy Christmas.

A combination of inbound and outbound campaigns using a multi-channel strategy is the best approach. It’s important to be in the mix when your buyer is looking to expand or replace existing products and your customer service strategy is vital at this stage. Remember it is always easier to sell to the existing clients rather than concentrating exclusively on generating new sales opportunities.

Call Management has been in operation for over 12 years and we have a wealth of experience in dealing with all these types of buyers; we have invested heavily in all areas of the buying strategy and have services in place that will help you in analysing your customer base and understanding your buyer preferences depending on where they stand in the buyer process.