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The Christmas season is a very busy time of year for most companies in Ireland.

Ireland will remain the highest spenders in Europe in the run-up to Christmas despite cutting back for the third year in a row. An average household is set to spend just under €1,000, way ahead of the European average of €590.

How does your business capture a portion of this spend and what is the most effective way to promote your business especially in the consumer market?

1. Be Creative – Every company advertises during Christmas with special offers, promotions and multi-buy deals.

How can your business stand out from the crowd? MAKE A DIFFERENCECall Management with customers, Christmas and clients

2. Check the quality of your products and services.

Make sure you have the processes and procedures in place to deliver a quality based product or service. Good processes will ensure a consistent and uniform deliverable regardless of seasonal fluctuations.


3. Provide a memorable and warm customer service experience.

Christmas is a happy period but it also can be a stressful time (Too many things to do!). Make it easy for your clients and customers:

– Don’t make them wait.

Provide them with alternative channels to buy your products.

Online sales via your website, 24 by 7 Telephone Sales Lines via a Contact Centre and hiring part-time seasonal staff can reduce waiting times.

Call Management can help you with:

→ Website support: E-mail handling and live chat support

→ 24 by 7 telephone support (Sales & Information Line)

 Overflow support for your customer service

– Share the Christmas spirit with your face, tone and words. Happiness is infectious.

A smile and a Happy Christmas greeting will reward your company with loyal customers. Remember people buy from people they like.

Clients will associate your brand with a friendly company and that can only improve the bottom line all year around.

Call Management can provide you with:

→ Highly trained agents with experience in short term and long term projects

→ Friendly and welcoming workforce

→ 24 by 7 multi-channel customer support


4. Happy to help them doesn’t matter what (refunds and exchanges).

Buying presents for someone else can be really complicated (sometimes).

Your sales will increase if shoppers know that you have a refund and exchange policy in place and a team who will be willing to help them out.

If you feel that your own team is drained after the Christmas period… then outsource!

Contact Centre Support is not just for Christmas!  Call us to see how we can help your business!


Christmas Retail Customer Services: Why Outsource?