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Call Management have had a very good year and to reward our staff for the effort they have made in 2012, we have decided to create our own internal awards. The aim is to recognise and reward excellence service during the year.

We are well aware that it can be stressful dealing with clients on a day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute basis. Patience is a definite virtue. It is great to be able to talk to a colleague who will be friendly and offer support and advice if required.

So we want to recognise those agents that go the ‘extra distance’ to both help their colleagues and the callers.Call Management Awards 2012

Call Management are having our Christmas Get Together on Dec 13th this year and to kick off the proceedings, we will be presenting the awards on the night.

The categories include:

Contact Centre Peer nominated:

  1. Most helpful Colleague
  2. Newcomer Award
  3. Biggest contributor

Contact Centre Performance related:

  1. Best Telephone Answering Performance
  2. Best E-mail & Live Chat Performance

To keep the process as fair and unbiased as possible every agent has a secret vote in relation to the peer nomination awards.

For the performance related, it will be analytical, based on agent call/e-mail resolution stats, answered calls / e-mails, call durations and call wait times.

To lighten the mood and to ensure everyone gets’ into the ‘Spirit’ of the Inaugural Awards, we will have 3 fun awards such as:

  1. Biggest Joker
  2. Biggest Shopper
  3. Funniest Answer on the Phone

Our long term aim is to have an awards night every year as we have always focused on staff quality. It is about time we had an official night where we recognise the quality of our agents and the contribution they make to the overall well being of their colleagues and clients.

The Awards Night run in conjunction with our Christmas Party is a way of Call Management saying THANK YOU for your effort and dedication through the year.  There is only one selected winner in each category but having said this, the success of Call Management is not just down to one person – it is a Team effort and everyones’ contribution is greatly valued.

I wish to congratulate all the “Winners” and have no doubt that there will be added competition for next year to have new people on the “podium”.

Keep up the good work.