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According to Enterprise Ireland and the European Commission a Medium Sized Enterprise has less than 249 employees and a Small Enterprise has fewer than 50. If your enterprise is an SME, you may wonder what benefits you can obtain from a contact centre.

Well… three main reasons:

1. Never miss a call and Increase your business perception

Call Centre for SME never miss a call increase sales contact center solution

Every call is important and it would be a shame to miss out on new business because your office phone is unattended due to time pressures.

Every small to medium sized company should be lean and have very little spare capacity. As a result they can’t afford to have someone on standby to cover every eventuality, this is where a contact centre can fill the void and relieve the pressure.

2. Cost saving

A traditional call centre will offer receptionist support at very competitive rates, they will answer the phone in your company name, text and e-mail the messages to you in real time. The main benefit for the SME sector is that, they can outsource their support instead of worrying about holiday cover, staff rotas and payroll duties. Most contact centres offer a shared agent service, the cost of the service is then spread over a number of companies therefore it can be up to 80% less expensive than an in-house solution.

3. Have professionals in your team and increase sales

In Ireland and UK, there are a number of contact centres and call centres specialising in different functions. Some Call Management provides services for SME call centre and contact centreexamples include: 24 by 7 support, administration work, receptionist cover, payroll processing, cash collection support, brochure storage and fulfilment, this is only a sample as the list is endless.

If you choose the correct outsourcing partner it will enhance your business and allow you to concentrate on growth. Outsourcing your support is based on trust and choosing the right partner can be difficult. It is essential that you check them out… talk to their clients, how long they have been in business, professional accreditations and above all can you see any synergy between you and your potential partner.

Once you have chosen the correct partner, you will be wondering... ‘Why didn’t we outsource sooner?’

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