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In June last year, Forrester Research published a report in relation to Consumer Preferences. Forrester stated that “Consumers want  access to a wider range of contact channels, indicating there are opportunities for organizations to improve service level delivery”

This report confirms what our own research showed us two years ago when we started to offer live chat and e-mail handling services to our clients. However, call us visionaries or just crazy people but diversifying our offering  wasn’t enough!!

We have decided to make a bold step and launch a sister company in the UK specialising in “the other channels”. The company is called Arema Connect and it will concentrate on technology based  solutions in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) field. The main focus will be  e-mail handling, live chat support, voice mail messaging to name a few.

The question is… Why should a small company go through the hassle of setting up a new company?

The challenges includes developing a business network in a foreign country, flights, take a keen interest in currency fluctuations and political changes. In effect you are starting from scratch.

It’s very simple… if you keep doing what you always did it is more difficult to achieve growth.

After doing an analysis of our existing business within Call Management we discovered that 25% of our clients are using our technology based CRM support packages. We only launched them in 2009 and we had no prior experience. If we stayed offering traditional call centre services such as receptionist cover then we would have grown by a few percentage points per year but not double digits.

So the recommendation would be, keep moving, investigate and research new opportunities, new products, potential joint ventures anything that will get you to the next level. Above all keep everyone in your organisation interested and aware that they are working with a company that is not afraid to face the future with a positive outlook.

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