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Technology as a fast effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

How can you contact a large volume of people, quickly, costs effectively with 100% accountability?

Hard to believe but there are more mobiles phones in Ireland than there are people. We have a population of 4.5 million people in Ireland and over 4.7 million mobile phone subscribers.

At the end of 2011, there was a 105% penetration of mobile phones which means that many consumers now own multiple phones.

Mobile phones allow us to receive text all day long and leave voice messages.

Call Management (also trading as Arema Connect) has invested heavily in this area over the last few years. We offer our clients the option to send text messages or voice messages to their entire database with very quick turnaround time. There is no mystery, once your company has an active database of valid numbers, we will input the data into our dialer and the process is completed very quickly.

Your clients will have the option to ‘Opt Out’ and we will also provide you with a detailed report on which messages were delivered and which message failed to be delivered.

It can be used as part of your marketing and sales strategy and allows you to update clients on special offers; notification of upcoming events, reminders for appointments, and the list is limitless.

Case Study

One Friday a few months ago… at 6 pm we received a call from one of our clients. Due unforeseen circumstances, they needed to communicate to 1200 customers a timetable change for a Saturday event (the event was in less than 24 hours!).

Obviously, it would be really difficult to call 1200 persons in that time-frame and it would involve staff staying back to make the calls on Friday night and coming in again on Saturday.

Hence, the best solution was to send out a personalised voice message to all 1,200 customers advising them of the changes with a contact phone number in case anyone needed extra information.

The result

Major success!

Our client saved over 90% on what it would have cost to ring all 1200 in-house. The main advantage was uniformity of message, as the client had recorded the message themselves; they were able to control the reaction as all 1200 clients received the exact same message without deviation. The audit trail is invaluable for them as they knew who received the message and had proof that they tried to contact everyone with the changes.

We know it was a success because they have used the service a few times since for customer updates as an instantaneous reminder of upcoming events…

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