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text vs emails statiscsStatistics shows that “97% of text messages are opened, while only 22% of emails are opened”.

In Call Management, 24 by 7 contact centre, we have always used text messages to contact our clients and we want to share our expertise with customers and potential clients.

Text messaging has developed into an integral part of our service offering as we are as it complements our core business ‘Telephone Answering Services’. We have begun to us it as part of a bundle deal as the costings are very competitive.

Increase the success of your campaigns by 75% using Text Messaging as a Customer Relationship Management tool.

There are two main ways in which to use text messaging to contact your customers and staff:

  • Text messaging by text only
  • Text messaging by voice

Both options are very effective as a CRM tool and should not be seen in isolation. However, we have itemised below their main characteristics:

Text messaging by voice

Call management voice text service
TIP: Voice messages are more effective when you are advising clients on a possible disruption of service such as a store closed due to adverse weather.

  • More personal: Voice messages are more personal as it is your own voice and you went to the trouble of recording the message.
  • Great results: It delivers similar results to text messaging; however, personalisation is always more welcome.
  • Faster and cost effective: You can record a personalised message and we will download it and send it to your client’s mobiles and landline. It’s faster than calling your entire database and also more cost effective.
  • Improve customer service: The receiver’s image of your company will be enhanced as you care about their custom and value them as a client.

Text messaging by text only

TIP: If you are sendingCall management mobile phone text service
out a special offer to your clients or advising clients of upcoming events then a general text message is non-intrusive and will deliver the message in the correct manner.

  • Familiarity: We have all received text messages from hotels, restaurants advising us of special offers and others.
  • Quicker to implement: Sent us your message, the database and it’s done.
  • Inexpensive relative to calling.
  • Efficient way to contact your customer base with the specific aim of increasing sales or promoting your brand.
  • Speed of contact and the volume of people you can reach out to, almost instantaneously.

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