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The point of this blog is to demonstrate that not all contact centres are the same,  some of us go that extra mile to forge long term partnerships with our clients.

For reason I will explain you the story of one of our clients.

Our client

Call Management’s Client are one of the largest PPI (Payment Protection Insurance companies) in the UK. In 2011 they decided to enter the Irish market but didn’t want to commit to a long term strategy until they had run a pilot project to establish the viability of the Irish market.

There core business is applying to the banks for refunds on mis-sold insurance protection policies. The industry is heavily regulated and every aspect of their business is audited and the proper procedures need to be followed at all times.Call Management goes an extra mile for its call centre clients

Their objective

Our client, UK based, our client is very customer focused and wanted to work with a company they could trust in Ireland. The fact we were able to offer them a bespoke service really appealed to them.

They wanted to start small and scale up to 15 dedicated agents if the pilot was a success larger contact centres would find it difficult to provide this service. So, we were the perfect fit.

What do we do for them?

  • Business Mailing Address
  • Freephone 1800 number
  • Brochure Storage & Fulfilment
  • Dedicated Telephone Answering Service (24 by 7)
  • Dedicated Live Chat Customer Support Service (24 by 7)
  • Administration Works. An assigned agent solely responsible on a full time basis to deal with the banks, financial regulator, head office in the UK and clients.
  • Outbound Customer Care Service

The extra mile…………….

1. Recommending a media buyer. He has helped them target specific publications and radio stations that match their ideal client characteristics.

2. Introducing them to an accountant to handle their Irish division.

3. Introducing them to our Bank Manager to advise on setting up an Irish bank account and complying with regulations.

4. Hiring a photographer.

5. Consultancy role in relation to their overall marketing strategy. Advice on what would work best in the Irish market as their perception of what may work in Ireland may not always be the case.

6. Collecting our clients and dropping them back from Cork Airport.

7. Advising on hotels to stay in while in Cork and Dublin.

8. Commissioning a printing company to print brochures.

We hope this demonstrates our company philosophy and if you have a project that needs our expertise please contact us as we would be delighted to help.