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Quick, easy and cost effective customer relationship management for business

Bulk Text Message is a service that Call Management provides and it enables your business to send SMS text messages to mobile phones worldwide. Compared with traditional forms of media, Bulk Text Message is a communication tool that engages your business more effectively and faster with customers, employees, candidates, patients and social media networking communities. See examples for:  Financial Service, Retail sector, charities, Public Relations companies, Travel agencies, Distribution sector, Health sector, or explain us your requirements.

It is quick and cost effective: just give Call Management the phone list and the message to send.

Benefits:Bulk text message is a Call Management service

  • Quick and easy
  • Increase your revenue and margins
  • Costs saving solution
  • Increase your business productivity
  • Improve levels of customer service
  • Facilitate authentication processes
  • Is more discreet than telephone calls
  • More accessible than e-mail campaigns
  • Better customer relationship management
  • Easier for your own employees handling up-dates
  • Reduce complaints updating your clients

There are a very large number of Bulk SMS types due to its sheer diversity of use. At a broad level, Bulk Text Message types include:

–       Promotions

–       Reminders

–        Alerts

–        Notifications.

At an industry sector level, Bulk text message types can be further defined:

→Bulk text message from our Contact centre for Financial Service can include:

Use this service to enhance security by notifying customers about specific transaction and account activity. Improve your customer satisfaction.

→Bulk text message from our Contact centre for Retail sector can include:

Increase sales by sending promotions and special offers from your database of registered customers.

→Bulk text message from our Contact centre for charities can include:

Increase the effectiveness of appeal campaigns by texting persons that have already donated to your charity.

→Bulk text message from our Contact centre for Public Relations companies can include:

Reminder and support for any Public Relations campaign that you may perform: remind journalists about your press conference, communicate to clients that you will be in a fair, etc.

→Bulk text message from our Contact centre for Travel agencies and companies can include:

Increase customer satisfaction by keeping customers up to date with travel itinerary status and cancellations.

→Bulk text message from our Contact centre for Distribution sector can include:

Increase value of service by tracking the item’s delivery status.

→Bulk text message from our Contact centre for Health sector can include:

Minimize costly “no-shows” with appointment reminders.

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