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Research from Forrester Research showed that 49% of consumers online are not satisfied with FAQ and Help tools on websites. So… increase your on-line customer satisfaction rating by 49% with Live Chat service




e-Business / e-commerce Problem


A couple of month ago (May 2012) Call Management visited the e-commerce expo in Manchester. There, I got engaged in an interesting conversation about the difficulty of purchasing products online.

Have you ever become frustrated and left a shopping cart in the middle of the process and never returned?

If you had the opportunity to ask a simple question, and get an immediate answer…. what a difference that would make to any company that is dependent on ‘online  sales’.

Live Chat software could solve a lot of problems and increase sales and customer satisfaction. Ease of navigation through a website is essential when clients are in the middle of a shopping process but sometimes clients needs to be reassured during the buying process.  Your website needs to be interactive and a representative available 24 by 7 to help your clients.

Furthermore, e-commerce sites sometimes try to avoid giving distraction to buyers, so that they complete the shopping process faster before changing their minds.  Hence, to have the option of a live chat agent waiting and available to support the shopping process, only if it is required, is the optimal solution.

e-Business Live Chat Solution

Call Management use professional, bespoke software packages, namely Live Help Now, Kayako or Liveperson. They are intuitive software packages that allow your company to converse online with your customers.  However, to have the software is not good enough. You must have an agent logged in and available to answer any query, regardless how trivial or difficult… 24 by 7!!!

Can you afford to have an in-house team available 24 by 7, connected to the internet and providing chat services?

The vast majority of companies are facing increasing difficulty in reducing headcount and minimising costs. However, you never know where your next sale will come from…. Hence, the best option is to outsource your live chat to a trusted contact centre with a proven track record and the ability to deliver the service for a fraction of the cost of an in-house solution.

Can you afford to leave your on-line customers to their own devices?

Flowchart for a typical procedure:

Call Management live chat flow diagram

Contact us for a quotation and our agents can be answering your live chat queries in less than 72 hours.

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