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“Technology is changing how we interact with our customers”

According to Sitel TNS Survey 2011, 57% of all consumers go online first to get a query resolved.

As customers are already spending their time online looking for answers to queries about products and services, so businesses need to be online 24 by 7 to provide these solutions via the internet.

Call Management diversified 3 years ago and saw the major opportunity that existed if we embraced technology. Presently e-mail handling constitutes over 20% of our business with clients in the UK, Ireland, America and various other worldwide destinations.

We use different software packages to reply to our clients but all the packages are very similar it really depends on the clients’ requirements.

Call Management is currently using Kayako & Liveperson software packages for e-mail handling systems. However, we usually review the software packages used on a regular basis as the market is changing so quickly.

There are numerous advantages to using a bespoke package over using outlook and other single domain e-mail systems

  • Manage email and tickets in a fully collaborative inbox.
  • Multiple agents can view the messages live and respond immediately.
  • Improve Sales & Customer Satisfaction as queries are responded to in real time.
  • By using predefined canned responses you can provide your brand with a harmonized message, such as returns policy, warranty queries, product specifications
  • Fully audited with live statistics on queries handled and query type,
  • Auditing and accountability as a management tool is much more efficient.

Liveperson is fantastic but pricing is based per user and can be a very expensive option as you grow and see the benefits your costs increase accordingly.

Kayako charge a set up fee per package and allow you as many users as you wish, drawback is the monthly management reports will take more time to compile

I am not saying the list is complete by any means, this is just a story of our journey so far, it is an exciting extension of our business and is a major growth area in the short term.  I am delighted to say that we are becoming industry leaders in this CRM tool. Existing clients are asking us to educate them on the benefits of bulk e-mail handling with live demonstrations, web seminars and trial periods to evaluate how it will integrate and compliment their existing CRM packages.

We are currently handling over 250,000 e-mails per year with new clients coming on board every month.

If you want more information or a demonstration please let us know.  You can also check our case study clicking here.

Weekly tip: On a practical level before you consider out-sourcing please remember that we would be representing your company on the web so the more in-depth training and knowledge we have the better. Canned responses are fantastic as long as they are relevant, easy to understand and above all answer the question asked in a polite and friendly manner.

Advice: Outsourcing your e-mail handling service is not suitable for every company. It is definitely worth exploring for your existing CRM team as it will improve how they work and will allow them to work smarter and more efficiently. Your clients will be impressed and it will enhance your company’s’ image as an industry leader who is willing to embrace new technology and go that extra kilometer to improve your customers buying experience.