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“In teaching others we teach ourselves.”(proverb)

Call Management, as part of our international growth strategy, has established links with some of the most prestigious colleges in Europe. We are actively taking part in Erasmus & Argo programs to provide European students with work placements in our organisation.

The Erasmus & Argo programs are designed to encourage students to broaden their knowledge by seeking work placements in countries other than where they are studying. The student gains practical experience in a foreign country and allows them to develop specific skills including language skills, a better understanding of the economic and social culture of the country concerned in the context of acquiring work experience.

Benefits for an Intern

Our interns obtain a valuable and rich experience while working with us. They are exposed to different aspects of the contact centre sector and additionally gain experience in their chosen study field.Intern in Call Management: an international contact centre & call centre

We always focus on the Intern and their own career path so we always choose projects relevant to their chosen university course. It is important that all Interns are given the opportunity to contribute to the development of Call Management while gaining valuable work experience in an area that they are interested in on a professional level.

For example, we have recruited a marketing student to support us in launching a new sister company in the UK market. She is involved at management level on strategic direction, competitor & customer analysis and all aspects of setting up and launching a new company.

All our interns are encouraged to make suggestions and apply their academic knowledge in a real life situation. We always give them responsibility and allow them to organise small projects and present their findings to the management team for consideration.

We really believe that the contact centre environment is an exciting sector with new trends and developments on a daily basis. We need motivated people to view the contact centre environment as a potential career path. We in turn receive motivated people who are willing to promote our services internationally and in time will be decision makers in their professional life and hence complete the circle from intern to client or become part of our team.


How do we select the interns?

We choose our interns carefully and according to our requirements at any one time and their ability to fit into our corporate culture. It is essential that they are given practical experience of the actual work environment.

Call Management feel that providing international interns with work experience placements must work for both parties and it is an integral part of our development plan. The main advantage for us is that a committed staff member is able to view our business from a different perspective and will approach challenges in a different way and hence improve our processes & procedures.

We are proud to contribute to the development of a pool of well-qualified, open-minded and internationally experienced young people as future professionals.

If you or you have a student interested in cover one of the work placements positions in our organisation, please contact us to for more details.