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In Call Management we are specialised in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions; however, we provide our services to a diverse number of sectors. Every company can choose between using shared or dedicated agents to answer their contacts according to their needs.

It’s amazing how diverse our clients are and the business sectors they operate in.

Rather than give the business sector definition, here is a practical look at what Call Management do…

We have incubation or start-up companies with 1 employee, blue-chip clients and government bodies and international companies.

For an example of our client portfolio: I will just use buying a house.

Call Management have a client….an architect to design your dream house, a firm of solicitors to look after the paperwork and of course, a call centre would not be complete unless they had the mandatory insurance company.

We have an estate agent who will sell you the plot of land to build on and you can search for content via deals on our social sites. We have a few waste collection companies who will provide you with domestic & recycling bins.

We have the largest property management companies in Ireland on our books and they all come equipped with plumbers, electricians, landscapers, locksmiths, drainage companies and the general handyman to do all the things you should do yourself, but…

To help complete the link, we have two car dealers who will compete to sell you cars for the driveway and finally we have a Saorview TV supplier who will hook up your TVs to multi-room viewing with all your essential channels such as RTE & BBC.

We are in a very fortunate position as this diversity leads to a challenging & rewarding business model. We have extended our service offering over the years but predominantly we are focused on the customer relationship field, and as a result, our clients have rewarded us with product samples, discount offers and passes to circuses, ice-skating arenas & activity centres. Of course the more knowledge we have of your products and services the better, so when we try them ourselves, we can explain them better to your customers.

We have also used our client base to network and introduce clients that have a synergy but do not know each other and we feel this helps us nurture our corporate mission of adding value for our clients.

After all, if our clients grow, by whatever means, this will mean more revenue flowing, possibly create employment (be that for them or us!) & help lift spirits all round…

We are currently looking for companies in the following sectors:- fine wine resellers, iPad & mobile phone wholesalers, five-star holiday agents, dressmakers & tailors and cobblers!!

Check our services and see the benefits to be part of our network.