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Call Management are getting closer to launching its’ sister company in the UK.

Arema Connect will be focusing in technological based solutions such as live chat, e-mail handling, volume text & voicemail transmissions and lastly social media customer relationshArema Connect logoip management.

With this aim, our contact centre is offering, in conjunction with CCMA and Skillnet, a new team member position  – Job bridge Trainee International Sales Development Manager.

The Intern will gain practical experience in International sales, joint venture and partnership development and a general overview of the sales and customer service process.

There will be practical experience in business development, consultative selling, sales negotiation, account planning and management.

Intern will receive formal/informal training in all aspects of the sales and customer services process which will be co-ordinated by our managing director and marketing co-ordinator. The intern will gain firsthand experience in the following areas:  sales process, customer relationship, Social Media Management, Marketing of a new company and SEO.  They will gain a full understanding of the Contact centre industry both in the UK and Ireland marketplace.

Call, Management are not looking for an employee, we want someone to work as part of the management team. They will participate in making decisions that affects the future strategic direct of both Call Management & Arema Connect.

The successful candidate will be working with the managing director & marketing co-ordinator (on a daily basis) in developing sales & marketing plans. They will receive invaluable experience on how SME’s operate in practical terms.

Interested? Check here all the offer and apply before the 31st of July!! We are looking forward meeting you!