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Call Management visited the e-commerce expo in Manchester. The TFM&A and e-commerce expo in Manchester was on 30th of May.Call Management in the eCommerce and TFM&A expo Manchester 2012

We want to provide some tips to consider while preparing your visit for any expo:

1. Keep your goals in mind

Visiting an expo is really useful if you need to purchase a product or service. You will find different suppliers on the same floor and you will obtain a better understanding of the industry trends. However, some people visit expos with other objectives in mind: assist seminaries, networking, meeting existing clients…

Call Management went to the expo with 3 goals in mind:

  • Have a better overview of the e-commerce expo to decide our participation in the e-commerce expo in  London in October
  • Increase our network with PR and Marketing companies ( TFM&A expo)
  • Understand the needs and requirements of e-business so we can adapt our services for this sector (e-commerce expo)

With this in mind, we prepared some documents and reviewed our value propositions.

The documents that we prepare were:

– PR case study

– E-commerce case study

2. Market research

It is worthwhile to know who will be there: brands, names and services offered.

Target who you wish to speak to and why you want to speak with them.

3.  Be comfortable and ready for anything.

In an expo you will be walking and standing a lot. Be comfortable and ready for anything. Bring with you a notepad, business cards and other elements that you feel important to fulfill your objectives.

And the most important talk, talk and talk. It is a great opportunity to meet people like minded and increase your network. Show that you are sure of yourself and sell your value proposition to everyone. You never know where a new client, partner or supplier can be coming from.

4. Post expo duties

a. Database management

Once, you are back in your office compile all the data collected and include it in your CRM. If you have collected a great volume, you can outsource this duty. A database management service can filter and do data cleansing for you. It will save you money, time and protect your health.

b. Follow ups

Talking with people and doing your market research you may have detected some leads. Give them a call back, establish long term relationships but don’t be annoying. If your offering is adequate and arrives at the perfect moment, you will sell your products or services. If not, just be patient and polite. You never know when you can be receiving a call back.

We made some contacts that showed interest in our services: PR case study and e-commerce case study.

Would we go again…?

Yes, as we got extremely valuable information and this has helped us formulate a plan for the launch of Arema Connect. In relation to Trade Fairs, we learned enough about the e-commerce expo to allow us decide that e-commerce trade fair in London would be worth attending as a visitor but may not be right as an exhibitor but trade fairs will be included in our marketing mix going forward. Drop us a line if you want to know more about our experience  or if you were there and want to share your point of view with us!