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Telephone answering service for your holidays

Seasonality in the contact centre world can be very challenging especially during the summer months.Call Management offers holiday cover for your enterprise

We are at our busiest when some of our clients are on the beach.

Staff schedules can be eventful and skilful handling is required by management, if it was extreme sports, we would be on the edge as…

  • we operate 24 by 7 and our own full-time staff are looking for time off
  • our part-time staff are looking for full-time hours
  • our clients are also taking time off we need to be aware of changes to schedules and who is on call
  • we win a few new short-term contracts.

We always get a few clients for holiday cover at this time of year either for 1 week or 2 weeks. Invariably they end up being full-time clients when they see the value of our service.

Some summer news in Call Management…

This year will be busier than normal as an existing client is looking for 10,000 customers to be rung, over a three week period.  The object of the call is to remind people to pay their bills to avail of early bird rates.

Big Fish landed this summer, we are piloting a ticket sales / information line for a major sporting organisation and the volume will be sporadic depending on when the matches will be played and what teams are playing. The challenge is to maintain service levels, ensure there is no downtime for our agents & lastly, forecast call volume spikes so that our client & staff are satisfied. Our client has always handled these calls in-house but wants a less stressful solution to handling up to 3,000 calls per day and they are trusting us to deliver.

I have every faith in our team with the proper processes & procedures in place we will deliver as promised.  We have a few clever tricks in place to handle the cyclical nature of the calls but that’s a secret!! if you have a similar project in mind let us know and all will be revealed!!

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