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“More than 50 homes and many businesses have been flooded and several thousand left without power after 50mm of rain fell in a seven-hour period across Cork.” According to

Douglas village this morning. Photograph: Renate Murphy (@renatemurphy)

Douglas village this morning. Photograph: Renate Murphy (@renatemurphy)

This worst affected areas included are Belfast, Clonakilty and other towns in Ireland and UK during last night.

We want to send an encouraging message to all business affected. If it is of any benefit… we provide business disaster recovery for business,  answering phones and e-mails to guarantee the continuity of your business. usefule tips can be found on:

For peace of mind and if you need to discuss your options let us know: +021 4824 300

How we have lived the flooding?

We are based in Blackpool; you might have seen the cars & houses covered by water  on your TV screens this morning.

We are fortunate to be on the 1st floor and our offices are on relatively high ground so we are not affected.

Call Management have always offered a disaster recovery service but take up rate is low as it is like insurance; you never need it until…… Well, you never need it until you need it.

Most businesses can survive as long as their phones are answered & messages forwarded. That’s where we come in… within an hour we can get your office number diverted to us, all calls will be answered in your company name plus we will text and e-mail you with your messages. The costs of this service is relatively inexpensive and as we are all about offering a quality service. We will do our utmost to get your business up and running in as short a turnaround as is humanly possible.

But not all the business are the same. So we recommend to check this website for more information:

Our own disaster recovery plan

Call Management have a disaster recovery contract with another contact centre so in the event that we are unable to get to our offices we can divert our telephone lines & staff to a location 3 miles away. We are able to guarantee our business continuity.

We use Google doc’s (online access) & we have remote access so some of our Agents can work from home and our phone system is VOIP enabled so the contingency plan is pretty solid, the only issue is notifying staff and diverting the phones with the correct ddi’s. The above solution is pretty expensive but due to the nature of our business it is essential.

For peace of mind and if you need to discuss your options let us know: 021 4824 300