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Call Management is an Irish-based contact centre with multiple links to Public Relations (PR) and Marketing companies within the UK and Ireland. We complement your PR and Marketing services with:

– Database Management
– Telephone Answering Service
– E-mail Handling
– Live Web Chat Services
– Disaster Recovery
– Mystery Shopping
– Business Mailing Address
– Marketing Campaign support
– Brochure Handling
– Outbound Campaigns
– Market Research

Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Banking Industry

Market Research’s Problem: Our client provides market research surveys including statistical analysis for a major bank.

Call Management Solution: They wanted a trusted outsourcer to carry out the fieldwork and present the results in real time via their web portal. Call Management made the outbound calls and surveyed the bank’s clients. Our client presented the results successfully and on time to the bank in question.

National Council for the Blind Donation Line

Public Relations’ Problem: Public Communications Centre (PCC) required a 24-by-7 Freephone Donation Line for one of its clients, the National Council for the Blind.

Call Management Solution: PCC did not have the knowledge, infrastructure or staffing level to provide a 24-by-7 customer information line. Hence, Call Management answered phone calls and assist with the donations.

Fix Crumlin Appeal-Hospital Fund Line

Public Relations’ Problem: Public Communications Centre (PCC) wanted to target € 4 million in donations within a 6-month period through the Hospital fund line attached to the Fix Crumlin Donation Line. PCC expanded the service base to include a multi-media support line for radio, TV & print.

Contact Centre Solution: Thanks to our existing successful partnership PCC decided to choose us for this project. Call Management provided:

  • Text message verification service,
  • Outbound phone campaign
  • We have the option to process the payments in-house, mail brochures and follow up on e-mails and texts.

New Alcoholic Drink Launch (NADL)

Public Relations’ Problem: Public Relations (PR) Company needed a trusted partner to provide them with a 24-by-7 Customer Care Line to support the launch of a new alcoholic drink.
Call Management Solution: We worked exclusively with the PR Company providing them with a few pieces to the entire jigsaw puzzle. We supported their 24-by-7 Customer Registration Line answering calls for them.

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