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After-sales support with a twist…

This case study client is a large e-commerce website in Ireland. Arema Connect handles all their customer interactions by e-mail, and by phone occasionally, to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Our e-commerce client is highly customer focused – their company culture is based on their customers having an enjoyable buying experience, and this process needs to be carried through in their after-sales customer relationship management system.

When Arema Connect’s client chose us as their contact centre of choice in 2011, their wish list included

  • Contact centre with customer satisfaction as a key element of their mission statement;
  • Quality-based solution with low staff turnover;
  • Less training requirements;
  • Ability to work off our own initiative;
  • Ability to scale the service both short & long term.

The decision-making process was heavily weighted in our favour as they wanted to work with a contact centre that valued them as a client and understood their business strategy. They were looking for an owner-managed contact centre that would react to their needs immediately and take control of training, supervising and all the day-to-day activities with minimum direction. And they found us!

What we do:

We operate as are their full-time dedicated customer support team. We answer all customer or user queries while also maintaining the quality and integrity of the e-commerce site.

This entails answering user queries, generating reports, resolving queries, etc.

We represent our client to all potential customers & visitors, not just loyal paying customers.

The after-sales support function consists of the following:

  • Maintaining the e-commerce site

We aim to keep the site clear and concise for the internet users, thus adding to their experience on the website. With over 180,000 ads placed on the site at any one time, it needs constant attention & monitoring, in order to stop the site from becoming confusing to users and also to stop potential fraudsters.

  • Using the tools

Arema Connect is trusted with administration access to all ads on the Arema Connect’s client site. We have complete authority on what ads are removed from the site, and we may ring customers to let them know if they are contravening the rules of Arema Connect’s client’s website.

Arema Connect’s dedicated team have access to customers’ credit card details and online payment gateway, IP addresses, and device details, which are all necessary to maintain the integrity of the e-commerce site and to protect Internet users, thus improving the user experience on the e-commerce site.

  • Communication

At times, we liaise with the Gardai with regard to quality control and fraud. This is also reported to the main Arema Connect’s Client team in head office, along with both feedback and suggestions for improvement from our users.

  • Technical Issues

Like any other website, Arema Connect’s client does experience some technical difficulties from time to time. If an issue does occur we have to communicate the problem from the customer to the Arema Connect’s client HQ, and then communicate the solution from the Arema Connect’s client HQ back to the user.


Difference between our service level and larger contact centres:

Firstly and most importantly, we have a dedicated, highly trained and motivated team, willing to increase their knowledge and work base to accommodate our partnership with Arema Connect’s client.

Having a dedicated team it means that it is much easier to communicate with one another and it also means that it is much harder to make a mistake as it will not go unnoticed. Each member can take the time to reply to a user with an accurate response whereas in a larger organisation you may not have the allocated time to do so. Each individual member has a specific role so that all areas are looked after and maintained.

The added value to Arema Connect’s Clients:

Because we could provide a dedicated team, it meant that not only did we learn individually but we learned from each other. A dedicated and coordinated team like us can communicate much more efficiently than a larger organisation – information and knowledge flow easily from member to member. This was very beneficial to Arema Connect’s client, as less time had to go into training and monitoring. We continue to strive for 100% proficiency in any of our support contracts.

This case study is based on one of the multiple e-commerce clients that Arema Connect provides services for and has been prepared by Megan Friel. The name of our client has been kept anonymous for this case study; however, references can be provided. If you have an e-commerce site and you want to outsource your customer service Contact us for a quotation!