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We have recently launched our very own social club, holding our first event last week. Introducing our Social Club is our first block to building a solid foundation in team building.

At work, every agent gives 100% which shows in our consistently high performance to clients so as an added incentive these Social events are Management’s way of saying Thank you and well done to our fantastic team.

After the success of our Christmas party last December the seed of thought was planted in Pat’s head about setting up this Social Club.

We celebrated our first barbeque on the balcony of our contact centre office on a sunny day in March and the foCall Management teamod was cooked by our multi-talented Operations Manager, Sean Hickey, (who also hogged the microphone on our last Karaoke night!), everyone was relaxed and there was a great buzz in the office for the remainder of the afternoon.

The following night we decided to hit the tiles and ended up having a Karaoke night, who knew that the agents who answer the phones every day could have such powerful singing voices.

And on that note (pardon the pun) feel free to check out our photos on Facebook of Social events so far and keep up to date on our movement on Linkedin and Twitter.

Watch this space for our next Social Event…Till then keep up the good work team!