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In Call Management we are used to dealing with unexpected circumstances. We provide disaster recovery services and after hour telephone service, so we are used to receive some strange calls every now and then. However, an elephant can be a bit too much!
On Wednesday 28th of March a 2.5-ton animal, whose name is Baby, broke loose in a car park in Blackpool (Cork) close to a Call Management head offices. The astonishing incident was captured by CCTV cameras and camera phones at the busy retail park.
Eyewitness footage shows keepers from Courtney’s Circus trying to bring the Indian elephant under control, as stunned shoppers look on.

Pat Keogh and Silvia Planella (our Manager Director and our Marketing coordinator) were witnesses of this incident that occurred in front of our main office in Cork.
“It was surprising to see that big animal running in front of us! You can see us on the video, Pat and me stepping back when the elephant started to run. The Irish wild life is getting wilder!” stated Silvia after the incident.
Let us know if you have an elephant of an issue that needs to be tamed!!