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A 24/7 Multichannel contact centre will allow you the flexibility to deliver the best customer care to your clients

Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) seems to be the future when it comes to interacting with your clients and potential clients. There are numerous advantages such as it is faster, more interactive, more personal and, let’s face it, less expensive. Does it mean that telephone answering services and other traditional CRM systems are sentenced to death? No.

If you have a diverse client socioeconomic grouping then different communication channels are required. The older generation prefers agent support and “old-fashioned” voice interaction, the younger generation prefers CRM internet-based solutions and computer-based interaction.

You can have a unique and multichannel contact centre that provides all the channels that you need and allow you to ramp up and down according to your requirements.

But how do you choose the proper channels for your business?

What communication method is preferred by your clients?

Call Management recomends to put yourself in your clients shoes while choosing a contact channels

Here are our tips:


1. Put yourself in your client’s shoes

What kind of problem are your clients more likely to have? And… if you were looking for a solution, how would you like to be helped?

2. Market researchMarket Research to understand your clients contact needs

Manipulate your client database to discover trends and develop a typical client portfolio, carry out field research and ask your clients what they are looking for in relation to CRM.

It will improve your company & brand image. Our contact centre offers market research services too.

3. Seek advice from a contact centre professional

Professional advice can be less expensive and a faster way to understand the market dynamics. Explain your case to a multichannel contact centre; they will be able to provide you with some advice and case studies from previous Seek advice from a contact centre professional to understand all your optionsclients.

Recommendations and outsiders’ points of view can help you to see your requirements from a different perspective. But remember that the final decision is always yours.

4. Start to deliver your customer relationship management with the right partner

We really recommend creating a partnership with a 24/7 and multichannel contact centre.

You will be able to:Select the right partner is important while choosing a contact centre

– Ramp up and down easily deciding if you need shared or dedicated agents

– Increase or reduce your “opening hours” to suit your requirements and business needs

– Add new platforms or redefine your approach to these adding extra value to your business

5. Keep analysing the results

Your contact centre will be able to provide you with statistics such as the number of calls, e-mails, chats and social media interactions, average interaction length or duration, issues solved on a first resolution basis and so on.Analysis Result and your contact centre performance

Don’t be afraid to ask for all the data you need.

This information will be important to improve your customer relationships.

If you need some help to decide what is the best approach to deliver your customer care, please feel free to contact us and let us work with you to find a solution.