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Staff attrition occurs when agents are not comfortable doing their job and feel undervalued and unappreciated. Following this easy steps we maintain a high level of staff retention and a nice work environment:

1. Don’t ask your agents to do something you would not be happy to do yourself.
2. Treat your staff with respect and let them know you appreciate what they do.Call Management welcome any Idea
3. Provide incentive as night outs and rewards.
4. Welcome all suggestions.
5. Policy of doors and ears open.
6. Provide training in different areas to keep your team engaged and interested.
7. Be loyal to your agents, mistakes will be made but give them the opportunity to own up without recrimination
8. Work as a team.
9. Give them responsibility.
10. Provide a relaxed atmosphere and allow people laugh and enjoy their work.

Call Management’s manpower has been increasing year after year and the skill set of our staff is wide and varied leading to a vibrant and dynamic office environment.  Our attrition rate is less than 8%. Take advantage of our professionalism and experience… contact us!