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Pat Keogh image I decided to go back to college and do the International Selling Course  (ISC) with D.I.T. for a few very important reasons.

Ireland is becoming very price conscious and our focus in Call Management has always been quality driven therefore we needed to refocus and find new markets that fitted our philosophy.  I had no intention of reverting to a price based business model as it goes against everything I believe  in.

Call Management has always reinvented itself and willingness to take on new ideas will always be at the heart of what we do… so going back to college was a suggestion raised by Enterprise Ireland in 2011.

The ISC course has far exceeded our expectations on a number of levels it has given us the tools to evaluate what we do and what makes us unique. We are now confident in our ability and can now quantify our value proposition.

There were a few large challenges in going back to college, the biggest being… getting my head around new terms such as ‘A Business Battlecard’ and ‘The Sweetspot’. The second major challenge was juggling assignments with the day job.

The enjoyable part was applying what we learnt and putting it into practice. When I graduated  in 1992 everything I learnt was theoretical and I never got the opportunity to apply anything  as I wasn’t  a decision maker.Pat Keogh, Call Management MD, graduated his International Selling Course (ISC)with D.I.T. on February 2012

This time we have implemented a lot of what we learnt such as formulating a structured approach to business proposals, using social media as a communication tool, defining our strengths and developing relationships with partners and exploring new markets .

As a result of doing the course we are in the process of launching Arema Connect on the UK market and we will be focusing on technology based solution such as live chat & e-mail handling.

The important questions….. would I do it again…. 100% yes….. the benefits have been immense. I now have a group of like minded decision makers that I can speak to if i need advice on key decisions that affect the future of Call Management & Arema Connect.

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