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“A client rings you and wants to recall a product due to a potential fault in the product. They are expecting 4000 calls over the next 2 weeks from unhappy clients not to mention their wholesalers and retailers.
This is a potential minefield for your client and they have come to you to provide the solution. ”

What do you do?

Firstly, you tell them you have a workable solution that can be implemented within a few hours.

PR companies can improve their services in partnership with Call Centre. Work together to increase benefits for clients, PR & Call Management!

The contact centre can provide the PR Company with a comprehensive solution that makes you the PR company look fantastic to your client.

Best of all you can concentrate on sending out press releases and reaching out to the media to minimise brand damage.
The contact centre can provide your client with a:

  • 1800 Customer Information Free phone number that is dedicated to dealing with caller queries.
  • The contact centre will follow the procedure as outlined by you & your client.
  • The contact centre can even accept goods returned and post out replacements stock.
  • The contact centre can also send out 1000’s of text messages & voice messages within a few hours to a clients’ database to notify all end users of the potential problem.
  • A lot of contact centres are open 24 by 7 all year round so your client is in safe hands.

This is only one area where a contact centre can help a PR company in their day to day activities. Give us a call +353 12477814 if you want more information about how your PR company can benefit from a partnership with a Contact Centre.