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Here in Call Management we have a full understanding and experience of managing customer requests via various CRM Systems. We have a number of customers who manage their systems via the mentioned CRM system Salesforce. is a service (SaaS) company that distributes business software on a subscription basis.

Salesforce hosts the applications offsite and it is best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products.

Salesforce allows Call Management to provide a better service to our clients and callers.

Salesforce CRM cycle:

Call Management works with Salesforce according to this cycle:

1. Our customer will log in Salesforce system all the information necessary to allow our agents to solve caller’s enquiries.

2. Call Management agents will access to salesforce software and will check the possible answers for the caller’s enquiry. Furthermore, agent can search the solution database, log cases, make case comments, and run reports.

3. Agent will provide resolve customer support issues or if there is not an available answer on the system, the agent will escalate the call to the adequate person highlighted by the system.

4. Caller will be happy with a fast and accurate resolution.

5. Customer will win a happy caller.

Step 1: Customer and Salesforce (Set up)

Customer needs to provide a solution database in Salesforce software. It is important to think ahead of callers’ possible issues and provide accurate answers that will lead to happy clients.

If you require field setup and customisation we have a certified Salesforce administrator available to Call Management.

Support for Tier 1 cases via Salesforce we would expect that the solutions element would be fully active and managed by yourselves.

Salesforce will allow sharing updates quickly over all our agents.

We would log all calls and offer Tier 1 support based on solutions. Tier 2 / 3 cases would be escalated via the system (we are of course assuming escalation rules are activated on the system).

The success on step 1 is the key for the exit of all the process.

Step 2: Call Management and Salesforce (Service)

When our agents receive a call, they will log it the Salesforce system. The software will allow us to search in the solution database, log cases and make case comments.

Our agents would be fully capable of managing the console views, if this was available.

Case Numbers would be assigned and applicable customised fields would be chosen based on your requirements.

So, agent will provide accurate answers if enquiry has been already pre-configured.

Call Management would not be responsible for the management of the solutions element of the Salesforce system and would only be users of this area. For this reason, any calls outside the remit of “Solutions” would be escalated and sent to your client for resolution.

We are happy to manage the closure of cases provided that the solution is relevant.

Step 3: Customer and Call Management (Reports)

Call Management is happy to write reports and metrics within the Salesforce system for our customers.

We believe that the Salesforce system  is the best system available and we would be happy to deliver the solution using this platform.


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