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Amarach research, 2011, shows in its last report that 30% of the Call Centre industry feels retention of staff is a challenge. Call Management doesn’t share this preoccupation.

Call Management’s manpower has been increasing year after year and the skill set of our staff is wide and varied leading to a vibrant and dynamic office environment. Call Management’s attrition rate is less than 8%.

“Our work environment, in our opinion, is one of the best possible. Call Management has always focused on the welfare of our staff and we have an open-plan office, ideas and problems are shared on a daily basis. My office is always open for anyone and I work side by side with all our agents. Furthermore, I will not ask any of our staff to do anything that I would not feel comfortable doing myself.” – Pat Keogh, Managing Director, Call Management & Arema Connect

Above all we enjoy ourselves and every new staff member is recruited based on their attitude and secondly ability. They must fit into our work environment and buy into our ethos.”

Call Management has commissioned an outside trainer to visit our contact centre bi-monthly to deal with the psychological element of dealing with dissatisfied callers. She works with our team on a one to one basis. Their conversations are private and confidential unless our agents want anything brought to the attention of management.

As Pat Keogh explained, in Call Management we treat our staff with respect. Rather than telling them to do something, we ask them and explain in detail why it needs to be done in a certain way. Therefore agents feel engaged and understand our ethos and as a result, take pride in their work. We have always believed that our team is our most valuable asset and our clients are continuously telling us the same.


Call Management realises that the challenge facing us s to maintain this culture as we grow. Company strategy is created from the top and we would hope that our ethos of putting our staff first will always be an important element of our success.