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Call Management has 10 years of experience in Property Management. We have been in operation since 2001 and from the very start we have been providing our clients with After Hours Property Management Support.

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Our company currently provide over 45000 apartments in Dublin (Ireland) with After Hours Support. As this is a highly specialised industry our staff are specially trained to not just answer your calls but to supply a seamless service to your clients and customers. As no two calls are identical our agents are required to think on their feet and deal with all eventualities that may arise.

Dealing with all types of eventualities such as tenants locked out and looking for a locksmith, to a major leak in an apartment and we need to establish where the leak is coming from and who is liable for damaged caused.

Some of our best histories in this field are:

Fishy one… Cool ones we got over the years,we have had some very entertaining calls over the years such as a guy ringing us at 3.00 am in the morning asking us to do something about the smell from the River Liffey.

Apartment alarm.. alarm going off August Bank Holiday Weekend and all the neighbours were google eyed from the lack of sleep, eventually on Sunday evening we got permission to gain entry via a locksmith to allow an electrician to kill the alarm, when the electrician turned off the alarm we discovered that another apartment also had an alarm going off so after all our efforts the neighbours got no sleep for another 24 hours as neither resident had left key-holder details.

Fingers crossed… the weather this Christmas & New Year is better than last year as a lot of car parks were out of bounds due to the ramps being frozen over and burst pipes in the underground carpark was horrendous as some builders decided to use plastic pipes which don’t expand or contract when frozen. Swimming pools in car parks and hardware shops closed for holidays do not lead to an easy life when it comes to property management.

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