Why Choose Arema Connect?

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Specialist for Email, Social Media, Mobile and Live Webchat

Arema Connect specializes in multi-channel contact management. We can help you provide a consistent quality of response whether your customers contact you by phone, email, mobile, social networks or live webchat.



Customer satisfaction

By responding fast and effectively to complaints and resolving most issues within one call we keep your customers happy.



Friendly, Polite and Professional

Our people love their jobs and they communicate that to your customers. They are also highly trained and good at what they do, ensuring calls are handled effectively and customer issues are resolved quickly and successfully.



We have an ISO 9001 certified quality management system focused on delivering the best possible service to you and your customers. All staff are trained in the quality system and it is ingrained in our management culture.


Arema Connect’s management team, Pat Keogh, Nuala Meaney and Sean Hickey have been developing customer contact management services since 2001. We have a track-record of delivering high quality services to our customers.


Cost Savings

You pay only for the service provided, with no long term commitments or staffing issues. And our costs can produce savings of 75% compared to some in-house contact management solutions.


Great Technology

We have invested heavily in technology for SMS text management, email handling, live web-chat and social media support. You benefit from efficient, professional customer contact management.


Ramp Up and Down Quickly

We can provide support for overflow requirements at short notice, ensuring you maintain quality of service to your customers without having to hire additional staff or increase other fixed costs.