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Call Centre Agents and employee retention rates: a challenge for the call centre industry

Silvia Planella/ January 3, 2018

The biggest asset of the call centre industry is its workforce. Some people will argue that software, especially knowledge management and cloud services, had transformed our industry and while I agree that technology has an important role in any contact centre, it is people who make the difference. Traditionally, staff retention has been reported as one of the biggest challenges

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Our 5% in staff attrition levels

Silvia Planella/ January 2, 2014

In the contact centre industry the biggest assets are the employees. Attrition and staff retention levels should contribute to your outsourcing partners performance levels. A contact centre with a low attrition rate and high staff retention rates would be ideal partners as there is consistency in performance as their staff are familiar with your service level expectations and processes. Call

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