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Product Recall: Case Study

Silvia Planella/ November 13, 2017

A recall is by nature unexpected. Shops must be quickly provided with an update. Additionally, most companies are not setup to handle sudden spike in customer activity. That’s where Arema can help. We can quickly mobilize a product recall team to provide you with the extra resources you need when you need them. View details » Contact us Your feedback

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How retailers can become customer-centric

Call Management/ December 9, 2014

Present day customers are interested in personalised experiences with customer service. They are looking for more ways to buy and more channels to contact customer support. Retailers must embrace an Omni-channel approach with regards to customer interactions. “Omni-channel environments where customers can shop online and offline at the same retailer are

Christmas Retail: Improve your customer service this winter with a reputable Call Center

Call Management/ October 6, 2014

We are on the brink of winter and therefore nearing the busiest time of the year for retailers and they are now counting the holiday season in terms of weeks rather than months. The number of black Friday and Thanksgiving shoppers has been consistently rising by the millions. This is putting extra pressure on delivery companies and customer support has never

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PR and Contact Centre “The Product Recall”

Silvia Planella/ February 24, 2012

“A client rings you and wants to recall a product due to a potential fault in the product. They are expecting 4000 calls over the next 2 weeks from unhappy clients not to mention their wholesalers and retailers. This is a potential minefield for your client and they have come to you to provide the solution. ” What do you

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