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E-Commerce in 2016 and the Importance of Customer Satisfaction

James Purcell/ November 29, 2016

Millennials, Omni-Channel and Good Old Fashioned Customer Service E-Commerce is constantly evolving and branching off into new customer applications. These include new payment methods, buying processes and improved channels for connecting. Millennials are a major target audience for e-commerce businesses in 2016 and companies are developing a lot of new and interesting services for this group. This year may see

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What Makes a Great Customer Service Agent?

James Purcell/ July 4, 2016

The Key Skills Every Call Centre Agent Should Possess Every time a customer service representative answers a call he or she is representing one of our client companies and the caller expects first-rate customer support. Each customer service representative should have certain qualities which ensure that each client is represented in a professional and friendly manner. Each representative must be

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Customer Support Tailored for the FMCG Sector

James Purcell/ March 14, 2016

Customer Service for Product Quality and Product Recall The FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector is just that, fast. Customers expect round the clock service and response times must be quick, especially for product quality issues. There are a lot of moving parts in an FMCG retail company and there are many different departments, for this reason, customer tracking is

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New Contract: A New Safety Device For Parents and Carers

James Purcell/ February 15, 2016

Customer Support for the Retail Sector Our new client is an Irish company that sells an intriguing safety device for parents and the elderly. It is a watch at first glimpse but it is also a phone and SOS GPS Location Device. It can hold two-way voice calls, it is water resistant and the battery usage is low. The device works by pairing to

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High Quality Customer Service for Business Booking Lines

James Purcell/ November 30, 2015

The Holidays are coming! Tis the season of booking lines and children around the world are lining up for Santa Grotto’s, Ice Skating Events and more. It’s when specialist Christmas companies run dedicated campaigns for these types of festivities and this leads to very busy phone lines. These phone lines are full to the brim with parents frantically looking to

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4 tips to support Customers in the Retail Sector

Silvia Planella/ May 5, 2015

“Retail Managers! Support your your loyal customers with a 24 by 7 multichannel customer support” With over 14 years experience in the Contact Centre arena, Pat Keogh – Arema Connect Managing Director- provides you with four tips to support your customers. Pat has over 25 year experience in the sales sector worked in the retail sector for 10 years.  

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Why mystery shopping in the retail sector?

Silvia Planella/ September 9, 2014

First of all I would suggest that you watch this short video by Jack Vale “Exposing Bad Customer Service” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03Vnp9AUuIs. In it he exposes shockingly bad customer service in well-known retail outlets in America. The video uncovers how complacency can set in and have a negative impact on the bond between the customer and the business. Once this trust is

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Online Retail Call Centre Services launch

Silvia Planella/ July 29, 2013

Not too many years ago even when online shopping was available, people did not feel comfortable using their credit cards online and giving their personal information to online stores. That has all changed. Consumers may still be concerned about the security of online shopping, but more and more of them are prepared to buy online. Faster delivery, easier returns policies,

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