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Seeing New Potential

James Purcell/ October 9, 2016

New Eye Care Specialist Contract Arema Connect is happy to announce more good news this summer. We have acquired a new client. They are one of the UK’s leading optician companies with many years of experience in the optical industry. Arema Connect already works with one of Ireland’s largest hearing aid specialists and we are delighted to expand our healthcare client

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What Makes a Great Customer Service Agent?

James Purcell/ July 4, 2016

The Key Skills Every Call Centre Agent Should Possess Every time a customer service representative answers a call he or she is representing one of our client companies and the caller expects first-rate customer support. Each customer service representative should have certain qualities which ensure that each client is represented in a professional and friendly manner. Each representative must be

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New contract: We love surfing!

Silvia Planella/ July 31, 2015

Arema Connect is pleased to announce that its tourist and leisure call centre team has won a new contract.   Our new client is an adventure management company and they choose us as their preferred call centre partner in order to maximise their sales opportunities.   If they are out on surf giving lessons then they are challenges associated with

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New Client: Supporting Employees and Clients for Home Care Provider

Silvia Planella/ July 24, 2015

“Arema Connect have just been awarded a after hours support contract with the largest home care provider in Ireland.”   They operate in the health sector providing home care support for the elderly. Due to the nature of their business it is very hands on and they need to provide 24 by 7 support for all their clients.   It

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New Contract: ‘Answering Telephones and E-mails for New Promotional Campaign’

Silvia Planella/ July 2, 2015

Arema Connect were recently awarded a Customer Information 24 by 7 Service to support a new Marketing Campaign by telephone and e-mail.   Our client is selling its products in Ireland and North of Ireland through an extensive retail network. Each buyer receives a promotional code on the products’ packaging that allows them to enter in a fantastic competition.  

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New tender awarded to our Contact Centre Public Sector Team

Silvia Planella/ May 22, 2015

“Centralised Contact Centre service will generate five new jobs in our Cork Office” Arema Connect have won a new Irish Public Service Tender which will be commencing on the 25th of May 2015. Our contact centre scored high in the tendering process thanks to our training process, proven track and quality approach.   We will be providing centralised contact centre

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Arema Connect Call Centre wins 10 new contract in the first three months of 2015

Silvia Planella/ April 21, 2015

Arema Connect has been awarded two contracts from the public sector in March 2015. This good news really puts the cherry on an excellent first quarter of 2015. Arema Connect has so far won eight new contracts from the leisure and retail sector.   “Arema Connect offers high quality customer support to our national and international clients. Three of our

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Another Job Created at Call Management

Call Management/ September 16, 2014

The summer has come to an end but we here at call management are as busy as ever. The acquisition of a major American client has set us up for a busy autumn and winter. During the last month we have been anticipating the multilingual demands of this client and our recruitment department has hired Yann, the newest member of

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